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PH_Sign 2012The Ohio Conference owns Pilgrim Hills Camp located near Brinkhaven, Ohio.  The camp facility is operated by United Camps, Conferences and Retreats (UCCR) under an agreement with the Ohio Conference.  The Ohio Conference organizes and operates the summer camp program.  Pilgrim Hills is situated on beautiful grounds with many trails and special nature sites and offers a variety of comfortable lodging facilities, fully equipped dining hall and swimming pool.

A campsite manager and health care giver are always on site during church camp season. Our campers’ safety is our number one priority.


Children and adults with disabilities are welcome at Pilgrim Hills. Please call the office in Columbus (800-282-0740, Ext. 207 or 614-885-0722, Ext. 207) to discuss the type of accommodations you may need.  This includes, but is not limited to, wheelchair accessible bedrooms and special diets. Not all buildings are accessible, but we will diligently attempt to meet your needs.

A typical day at camp

A typical week-long camp starts on Sunday afternoon with registration from 3-5 p.m. and ends on Saturday morning at 10:00.  Although each camp has unique activities, this schedule is a general idea of what happens Monday through Friday.

7:15  Rise and shine!
8:00  Breakfast
8:40  Song time and announcements
9:00  Morning watch activities
9:30  Event-wide activity (ex: scavenger hunt)
11:00  Family group time (ex: vesper planning)
12:00  Lunch   12:40  Song time and announcements
1:00  FOB (rest hour)
2:00  Activity choice 1 (craft or group games)
3:00  Activity choice 2 (hike or swimming)
4:00  Activity choice 3 (fishing or kick ball)
5:30  Dinner
6:15  Song time and announcements
6:40  Event-wide activity (ex: Olympic games)
8:30  Snack time
8:45  Vespers
9:00  Announcements
9:10  Head to cabins
10:00  Goodnight!


About the program in which you will be participating?
Please contact the Director listed on your confirmation letter.

About the camp facilities, your registration, or fees?
Please contact the Outdoor Ministries Registrar at 800-282-0740, Ext. 207 or

We can’t wait to be with YOU at camp. Come to the Hills!

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